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Somac electronics & electrical  systems ltd Co(SEES) specialized in  providing advance  Electronics & Electrical Solutions,with full supporting & consultancy to deliver and increase the productivity and security.

SEES Works with most advance technology companies worldwide,fo the Integrations security systems(ISS),CCTV’s,Road brockers,Communications systems,Access controls systems,UPS systems and all technology systems.


We consider our Customer as our business Partners as we hep them to target the ROI through technology solutions:

●  Consultancy solutions that is fit to purpose and not over complicated.

●  Provide the latest technology to get the most time of continuity.

●  Open up new areas and solutions that help to get the best return for the client.

●  Accredited by the competent authorities to provide the best sytems.


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SEES is becoming a de-facto in involving in such very high technical solutions for different technological fields
such as Engineering,Construction,information technology and advanced Electronics & Electrical systems.
For successful overall turnkey projects, all required solutions are available by SOMAC Electronics.

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